Luis Jover from Spain visits BJJ India

Luis Jover (Spain)

“When I arrived India I found a very different yet amazing country. Different in almost everything. Different food, different colors, different fragrance. Different than I expected. But there was something in India that is same like here in Spain, Its BJJ India Academy. It feels like home, At Arun’s academy you will find a clean and respectful Dojo atmosphere, and a great family feeling, surrounded by nice people and strong warriors. I enjoyed every aspect of my visit and training with team BJJ India. Looking forward to receive Arun and his team with open arms in Spain. It’s so amazing that in the most different and faraway place I have been, I still found a piece of home. If you love Bjj too then don’t miss the chance to visit BJJ India academy. Thanks to Arun, Binish and all the family from Granada, for an amazing time together. Oss”

~ Luis Jover, Blue Belt, Ali Dinar Jiu Jitsu