Alastair Meehan from New Zealand Visits BJJ India

Alastair Meehan (Wellington, New Zealand)

“I was backpacking around India recently and was really missing the ability to train, so when I arrived in Delhi I did a quick Google search for a BJJ gym. ‘BJJ India’ popped up and had a great online presence, so I dutifully made my way across to South-Delhi for an evening class. It was an awesome experience. The class was really well run, the instruction was clear, and given in both English and Hindi, and the school members were really welcoming. Arun & Binish have got a good thing going at ‘BJJ India’ and I can wholeheartedly recommend going along to check it out for yourself should you ever find yourself in Delhi with an itch to have a roll. Oss!”

~ Alastair Meehan