Ivan USA BJJ India

Ivan Nanney (Idaho, USA)

This gym exceeded all expectations. Binish was very thorough in his instruction and even catered to the language diversity of the class. The students were welcoming and friendly and I immediately felt comfortable.
Sukhi UK

Sukhi Chandi (Bedfordshire, UK)

BJJ India is definitely one of my favorite academy to train at, outside of my home academy. Arun has great knowledge and teaching abilities. Coupled with his commitment to the art, the future is bright for BJJ in India.
Brandon BJJ India Visit

Brandon Rosenstrauch (CA, USA)

Awaiting Testimonial
Omo Girl

Ouma (USA)

Awaiting Testimonial
Aus Bros

Jaus Bros (Australia)

Awaiting Testimonial
Brad USA BJJ India

Brad Zerivitz (Washington, USA)

They were incredibly welcoming and accommodating. The instructor was very detail oriented when explaining the techniques. He went over a few things I hadn’t seen before, so I got a lot out of the class.