Kevin Dadik (Portland, USA)

Arun is both an excellent teacher who cares about his students' progress and a great student himself who is always looking for ways to better himself and his technique.
Gian Dee from Phillippines visits BJJ India

Gian Dee (Manila, Philippines)

Fun and friendly bunch of people with true knowledge of BJJ.
Maria from Angola visits BJJ India

Perivaldo Maria (Angola, Africa)

Overall it was an amazing experience and as result of it when I went back to Angola I was able to win Silver Medal in the National BJJ Championship. I want to Thank Arun for everything, Oss!!

Tina Louise (Victoria, Australia)

Great place so make sure you pop in for a roll and good conversation. Arun will forever be a long distant friend!
Craig visits BJJ India

Craig Mcloughlin (Manchester, UK)

The experience was great! The gym facility was top-notch and Binish, who took the class for the day, was a great instructor...really informative, technical, and with such a friendly and helpful approach.
Rowan Bruce from Australia visits BJJ India

Rowan Bruce (Melbourne, Australia)

I contacted Arun before my travels to India and was amazing help with train tickets, travel tips and general advice. Arun and his team are fantastic!
Alex & Dominik visits BJJ India

Dominik Czartoryski (Montreal, Canada)

I’m glad Arun is a trail blazer here in India, with such a positive mindset. I look forward to training with him again soon.

Jarkko Laakso (Lahti, Finland)

We worked on some basic techniques with wonderful small details that I had never seen before. Very good aspects and ideas to many different positions and attacks.
Ariel Katz from Israel visits BJJ India

Ariel Katz (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is also about being part of a very large global family, and this is how it felt as soon as I stepped on the mat. I was received like another member of the family, got introduced to the guys and met some great people.
Gerard Visits BJJ India

Gerard McCorry (Ireland)

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Arun and his students and if I am ever back in Delhi, his gym will be the first place I visit.