Ariel Katz from Israel visits BJJ India

Ariel Katz (Tel Aviv, Israel)

“I spent 72 hours in Delhi for business, going from meeting to meeting, spending hours in traffic, sleeping just a few hours every night, until the time came to blow off some steam! With only a few hours left before flying back home I decided to visit the BJJ India Academy. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is also about being part of a very large global family, and this is how it felt as soon as I stepped on the mat. I was received like another member of the family, got introduced to the guys and met some great people. We practiced some techniques during the first hour, and then sparred for 30 minutes. I returned to the hotel with that amazing feeling we all know, totally relaxed to catch my flight. Thanks again for everything! I will certainly visit you again on my next trip to Delhi and please be in touch when in Israel!”

~ Ariel Katz, Blue Belt under Gracie Humaita Israel Team Leibovich