Pedro from USA visits BJJ India

Pedro Daddario (CT, USA)

“Arun has that quality I’ve seen in all the great names in jiujitsu that I had the pleasure to meet – Rorion, Ryron, Carlos Machado, Marcio Stambowsky, Pedro Sauer, Renzo, Clark, Kroyler, Royce, Roger, Carlson Gracie Jr., Royler, Rolles, Neiman, etc. of making me feel like I’m the special person that just arrived through the door – and not them. He has the gift of extending you the kind of warm welcome that makes us so happy and proud to be part of the jiu-jitsu family. He represents the best of our culture, beautifully. Thanks a bunch, Arun!”

~ Pedro Daddario, Purple Belt under Brad Wolfson