Ivan Alba from San Diego, USA visits BJJ India

Ivan Alba (San Diego, USA)

“A brown belt in New Delhi. My name is Ivan Alba and I train in San Diego under Jeff Glover. Recently, I traveled to India during a year-long trip around the world. Having packed my gi and belt, I have now trained in many countries far and wide. Arun Sharma and his team here in FMA Fitness run a wonderful BJJ program focused on solid basics and nuanced techniques that would benefit the novice and the expert alike. While I was there, I taught a couple of classes and felt how respectful his students are toward visitors and each other. All of this reflects the superb character of their instructor. The studio is very clean and offers ample space to train and roll. Whether you are a world traveler, on business in New Delhi, or a local, this is THE PLACE to go if you want a “Family of Jiu-jitsu” atmosphere. Give it a try and you will end up staying.”

Ivan Alba, Brown Belt under Jeff Glover