Gerard Visits BJJ India

Gerard McCorry (Ireland)

“As I travel around the world, one of my goals was to continue my training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and thanks to Arun at BJJ India, I have taken my first step towards realizing this ambition. I spent a few days in Delhi and discovered that his gym was very close to where I was staying and after a brief chat over WhatsApp, I was invited to take part in one of his classes. The gym was spacious, meticulously clean and full of enthusiastic and welcoming students. While the majority of the class was taught in Hindi, I had no trouble following along with the detailed level of instruction and demonstration given by both Arun and his other high ranking belts plus the students I was paired with were delighted to explain any nuances I may have missed. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Arun and his students and if I am ever back in Delhi, his gym will be the first place I visit.”

~ Gerard McCorry, White Belt under Peter Lavery, Kyoujin Gym