Michael So from Korea visits BJJ India

Michael So (Daegu, Korea)

If I do go back I will for sure visit the gym again. It was overall just a great experience...
Miguel from UK visits BJJ India

Miguel Svensson (Linköping, Sweden)

Arun is a modern day samurai, embodying the virtues of the Bushido code. He is the face of BJJ in Delhi, and his dojo is filled with passionate and dedicated grapplers.
Edward from UK visits BJJ India

Ed Insull (London, UK)

It was a pleasure to come and train with Arun, I was made to feel completely welcome, and am already looking forward to my next time in Delhi!

Eduardo Bezerra (Rio, Brazil)

I really enjoyed teaching and hanging around with you guys, I love this place. Oss!!
Ryan from Brazil visits BJJ India

Ryan Navarro (Rio, Brazil)

I would highly recommend BJJ India to everyone.
Eric Chua visits BJJ India

Eric Chua (Perth, Australia)

Arun is exceptionally technical and knows all the nuances of the gentle art. Everyone made feel like I was part of the BJJ India family.

Kevin Dadik (Portland, USA)

Arun is both an excellent teacher who cares about his students' progress and a great student himself who is always looking for ways to better himself and his technique.
Gian Dee from Phillippines visits BJJ India

Gian Dee (Manila, Philippines)

Fun and friendly bunch of people with true knowledge of BJJ.
Maria from Angola visits BJJ India

Perivaldo Maria (Angola, Africa)

Overall it was an amazing experience and as result of it when I went back to Angola I was able to win Silver Medal in the National BJJ Championship. I want to Thank Arun for everything, Oss!!

Tina Louise (Victoria, Australia)

Great place so make sure you pop in for a roll and good conversation. Arun will forever be a long distant friend!