Bek from Kazakistan visits BJJ India

Bek-Ali Yerzhan (Kazakhstan)

The students and vibe in the dojo express philosophy of jiu-jitsu. I felt deep understanding of respect, hard work, dignity and kindness in BJJ India.
Ivan Alba from San Diego, USA visits BJJ India

Ivan Alba (San Diego, USA)

This is THE PLACE to go if you want a "Family of Jiu-jitsu" atmosphere. Give it a try and you will end up staying.

Olivia Hall (Gisborne, New Zealand)

It was truly an awesome experience and a reminder of the brotherhood (and sisterhood) of BJJ that can be found at special clubs around the world.

Dean Evans (London, UK)

I have traveled to Delhi many times, every time I am there I train with Arun Sharma and his team. He is a dedicated martial artist and an excellent teacher.
Michael So from Korea visits BJJ India

Michael So (Daegu, Korea)

If I do go back I will for sure visit the gym again. It was overall just a great experience...
Miguel from UK visits BJJ India

Miguel Svensson (Linköping, Sweden)

Arun is a modern day samurai, embodying the virtues of the Bushido code. He is the face of BJJ in Delhi, and his dojo is filled with passionate and dedicated grapplers.
Edward from UK visits BJJ India

Ed Insull (London, UK)

It was a pleasure to come and train with Arun, I was made to feel completely welcome, and am already looking forward to my next time in Delhi!

Eduardo Bezerra (Rio, Brazil)

I really enjoyed teaching and hanging around with you guys, I love this place. Oss!!
Ryan from Brazil visits BJJ India

Ryan Navarro (Rio, Brazil)

I would highly recommend BJJ India to everyone.
Eric Chua visits BJJ India

Eric Chua (Perth, Australia)

Arun is exceptionally technical and knows all the nuances of the gentle art. Everyone made feel like I was part of the BJJ India family.